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Asset Allocation and Diversification

Finding the combination to serve you better.

We work with you to create a strategy that will serve as a guide in making investment decisions, sheltering your portfolio from excessive volatility. This includes a mix of stocks and bonds representing different economic sectors, industries and global economics.

Your diversification strategy or “asset allocation” will change over time depending upon market cycles and your personal life events. Time and risk go hand in hand.

The Key: Balance

We believe stocks, bonds and cash should all play a role in your allocation strategy. Balance allows us to weather tough times. It allows investors to participate in upside while dampening the negative effects of market downturns.

Investable Themes

Our research is focused on analyzing and taking advantage of long-term investable themes. In choosing securities, our goal is to understand where we are in the current business cycle and to create a diversified portfolio of great businesses which fit our long-term themes of strong revenue and profit growth.

Diversified by Geographic Exposure

We obtain exposure to growing international markets in two ways:

  • Companies based outside the United States which are the best businesses in their respective industries.
  • Multi-national corporations headquartered in the United States.

Diversified by Capitalization

Our portfolios are diversified by company size or market capitalization, which means we own big, medium and small businesses. Today, while somewhat more than half of our stock holdings are in large capitalization companies, we are continuing to find more investment opportunities in medium and small capitalized businesses.

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